Gyrodactylus salaris GS


GS is a very dangerous parasite already present in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Norway. GS can totally wipe out salmon and trout stocks in infected rivers.

The GS parasite is very hardy and can survive for several days in damp conditions in fishing equipment (rods, reels, lines, bags, waders, landing nets, and clothing).

The UK is presently GS free and it is essential that we do not allow the parasite to enter Scottish rivers.

If anglers have fished abroad in the previous 30 days then all equipment must be treated before fishing anywhere in this country. Suitable treatments include:


  1. Drying at a minimum temperature of 20 C for two days.


  1. Heating for one hour at a temperature of  above 60C.


  1. Deep freezing for at least one day.


  1. Immersion for a minimum of ten minutes in a solution approved for killing GS which include:


Virkon 1%

Wescodyne 1%

Sodium Chloride 3%

Sodium Hydroxide 0.2%