Introduction 2017


Fishing in Glenelg

The Glenelg and Arnisdale Fishing Club is well established now after many successful fishing seasons since its foundation in August 2000, and can offer good sport to members and visitors alike.

We have obtained permission to fish in one loch and the lower beat of the Glenmore River. The loch holds native brown trout and, although they are on the small side, they can give quite a good fight. We stocked the loch with 1lb to 3 lb brown trout during our early seasons, and from our records we estimate that there are still a number of these fish in the loch. As well as the sport you can enjoy the wonderful scenery and hill-walks in an unspoiled countryside.

The river also holds small brown trout, good-sized sea trout and the occasional salmon can still be spotted from time to time.

The club stocked the river with 30,000 seat trout fry in 2005, 21,000 in May 2006, 20,000 in 2007, 10,000 in 2013 and plans to further improve fishing conditions by more restocking and continual maintenance work on lochs and river. We are also committed to encourage a return to natural salmon stocks by means of a salmon-parr stocking program.

This year, in response to a potential threat to all salmon and trout here from Gyrodactylus salaris (GS) a parasitic freshwater fluke, we are warning all fishermen who have fished outside the UK recently to take anti-GS measures. Currently the UK is GS free – let’s help keep it that way. A more detailed note will be included with all permits. See  or Google salaris for more details.

Club Membership is open to all local residents and to regular visitors. Fishing permits are also available for day or week fishing to non-members and visitors.

Fishing for brown trout in the lochs is permitted by any lawful means (unless otherwise stated) between March 15 and 31 September. The river fishing season falls   between 15 March and 15 October, fly fishing is the only method permitted, and the catch-and-release policy for salmon is the rule at all times. Leaflets with the Club’s Rules and Regulations are issued with the permits.

.Youngsters must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Annual membership fees (for residents or regular visitors) are: full - £20.00; Concessions - £10.00; Junior – Free.

Joining fee (new members’one-off fee) - £5.00


Permits will be available in The Glenelg Shop : Day fishing £10.00;

Week fishing £30.00   Updated information will be available with the permits.


Contacts: club secretary