1.       Any legal method may be employed.

2.       There is a limit of two stocked fish (10 inches and above) per visit. There is no limit on fish under 10 inches in size.

3.       A worm or maggot fisherman must change to fly or spinner after his second stocked fish has been caught if he wished to continue fishing, so any further stocked fish caught can be released unharmed.

4.       Members may take a friend to fish with them but the limit remains the same (e.g. the member and friend can only take two stocked fish between them not each).

5.       There is no restriction on numbers at present. Anglers are asked to respect other fisherman and keep their distance.

6.       All anglers must carry their membership card or fishing-permit when fishing and have a duty to produce this card when asked to do so, also to ask any other fisherman to produce their membership card or permit, thus policing the club water.

7.       Each angler must make a return for every fishing visit in the fishing book (position marked on the enclosed map) to monitor visit members and fish caught for stocking data.

No fires to be lit under any circumstances, and do not drop litter or leave nylon on the banks or in the loch.