1.       Strictly fly-fishing only. Below foot-bridge to river-mouth spinning is also permitted.

2.       Strictly catch and release for all wild salmon caught. Fish farm salmon must be killed and removed from the water. Please ask any of the office bearers if you do not know how to identify a fish farm salmon. In the case of sea trout it is left to the individual whether to keep or to return fish, but all undersized fish should be carefully returned to the water.

3.       No fishing on a Sunday.

4.       All anglers must carry their membership card or fishing permit when fishing and have a duty to produce this card when asked to do so, also to ask any other fisherman to produce their membership card or permit, thus policing the club water.

5.       There is no restriction on numbers at present. However this will be monitored and if problems do occur a booking system will be introduced. Anglers are asked to respect other fisherman and keep their distance. Also local anglers are asked to give preference to club anglers who have travelled a distance and do not have all season access to the river. This is not club rule but gentlemanís agreement.

6.       Each angler must make a return for every fishing visit in the fishing books at the located boxes.

7.       No fires to be lit under any circumstances, and do not drop litter or leave nylon on the banks or in the river.