Stocking update summer 2013:  We have introduced a further 10,000 sea trout fry in areas found by survey  to be deficient. This should improve 2014 fishing.

As part of our ongoing programme to improve the Glenmore river, the Glenelg and Arnisdale Fishing Club put 20,000 sea trout fry into the river on 19 May 2006 and the same again in 2007. This is the fourth successive year of stocking. The fish were supplied by Bob Kindness from Seafield Centre who was assisted by members of the fishing club. The fry, which arrived in plastic bags of water filled with oxygen gas, were transferred to buckets and then distributed quickly and carefully in the river from the road bridge in the Avenue to the waters above Scallasaig.

The fry, about six weeks old from their first feed, weigh only a half gram each but at the end of the first year should reach about four grams. They are expected to grow in the river to about two hundred grams before going to sea as smolts in 2008/2009.

When they mature we hope that some will return to the river each year to spawn and set up a larger sustainable population. The fry, bred near Lochcarron , were from originally Applecross breed-stock and the parents are aged about eleven years.


Nick Sanders, secretary, Glenelg and Arnisdale Fishing Club